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LDP 26
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This is the first part of a long chain of adventures, in this video Shay goes to a car park and puts on her dildo pants then has a walk round to see whats there. Keep a look out for other videos to see what trouble she gets into with them
LDP 25
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This is a latex dildo device that i made up, its a leather piece that fastens a latex dildo to any pair of pants. Ideal for girls who like fashionable pants with dildos attached
LDP 24
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After we shot LDP23 we decided to go out with her wearing them, so we called a taxi to take us out. The driver went the wrong way, maybe he was wondering what shay was doing behind him in the taxi.
LDP 23
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Hendrix in the new Latex Dildo Leotard. This item was custom made, so now we know it works we will do some more sets with other colours and designs.
LDP 22
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Ashleigh with a pair of solid single dildo pants, she was amazed about how good they were and asked if she could keep them afterwards
LDP 21
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First time Ashleigh had ever seen a pair latex dildo pants and these were inflatable ones. Think she enjoyed these ibes the most.

LDP 20
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Adult TV Presenter Jada Gold with a pair of solid single dildo pants

LDP 19
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Drive-Thru dildo pants!!!!!
Jessica puts on some inflatable dildo pants while going in the drive-thru. What does she ask for??? I couldn't belive the size this was when she pulled it out at the end, she must have been very hungry.

LDP 18
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Jessica spotted this location while driving along, she jumped out of the car with dildo pants in hand and went of for some outdoor fun.
LDP 17
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Jessica puts on a pair of single latex dildo pants as she is driven up to the top floor of a car park, She just cant wait to jump out and play with them on the top floor.
LDP 16
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UK Porn star Shay Hendrix fucks herself with a inflatable dildo, just wait to you see how big the cum covered dildo got when she pulls it out of her wet pussy
LDP 15
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Shay Hendrix  tries on a pair of inflatable latex dildo pants, you should see the size of it when she pulls it out!!!!!
LDP 14
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Shay Hendrix  is in the kitchen washing her dildos, but her latex pants are making her so wet she just cant wait, so she fucks herself with the red dildo she has just washed.
LDP 13
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Shay Hendrix strips out of her clothes before climbing on to the bed and putting on a pair of dildo pants.
LDP 12
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Evey in leg irons and a pair of single latex dildo pants is thrown to the floor by Monica, there she is made to come until Monica climbs on top of her and finished herself off with her own latex dildo.
LDP 11
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Monica handcuffs Evey before forcing her into a pair of single latex dildo pants and then proceeds to fuck her with them until she cums.
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Lucie B strips off to reveal a latex dildo in her wet pussy, just held in place by her thin panties, watch as she strips out of her clothes and fucks herself with it just for you.
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Lucie B fucks herself with a large latex plug and then sticks a powerfull vibrator up her ass as she cums again.
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Lucie B in a pair of inflatable dildo pants plays with herself, then she begs to be bound so she if forced to endure the massive dildo that just keeps getting bigger.
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Lucie B strips off to put of her pair of inflatable dildo pants, she plays with them making herself very wet before puting them on, pumping them up and going off to work.
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Louise puts on a pair of dildo pants, but she cant wait to put the dildo to good use and starts to make herself cum.
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Now thats a proper butt plug!!!
Watch as Louise streaches her ass out before going to work on her other holes.